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About UNICODE Conference Organizer

The Object Management Group™ (OMG™) is the Event Producer for the Internationalization & Unicode Conferences. The OMG is an open membership, not-for-profit consortium that produces and maintains computer industry specifications for interoperable enterprise applications. Our specifications include MDA®, UML®, CORBA®, MOF™, XMI® and CWM™.  OMG’s specifications are all available for download by everyone without charge.

OMG has been producing events for fifteen years and provides a full range of conference management services and expertise—from conference development, production and support to targeted messaging and media promotion.  OMG’s proven team of in-house staff and contract service providers have years of experience organizing, producing and managing large-scale events including Object World, EclipseCon, the OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit and now the Internationalization & Unicode Conference. In addition, OMG currently produces five OMG Technical Meetings, and nine conferences and workshops every year for its members, in locations around the world.

OMG’s in-house team includes experts in Marketing, Public Relations and Event Management. OMG also has longstanding relationships with contract service providers who specialize in event logistics. Bill Hoffman, President and CEO, leads the team. Mr. Hoffman has been involved with trade shows and conferences on both the exhibitor and producer sides of the house for more than twenty years, including his position of President and CEO of Object World Corporation, the producer of trade shows and conferences on object-oriented technology and OMG’s work. For more information about OMG, visit us online at http://www.omg.org


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OMG logo Object Management Group®, (OMG®) organizes the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences around the world under an exclusive license granted by the Unicode Consortium. Personal information provided to OMG via this website is subject to OMG’s Privacy Policy. All responsibility for conference finances and operations is borne by OMG. The independent conference board provides technical review of the program and papers. All inquiries regarding the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences should be addressed to info@unicodeconference.org.  Copyright @ 2016 Object Management Group. All rights reserved.