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The Internationalization and Unicode Conference (IUC)
is a unique value and has a reputation for high quality. All papers submitted go through a technical review process by industry experts, who keep marketing content to an absolute minimum. If you only attend one internationalization conference this year, IUC is the best value for your dollar.

Reasons to Attend Include:

  • This is the only conference where your organization’s staff can learn the fundamentals of i18n and Unicode directly from industry experts.
  • Learn about the latest trends, tools and techniques in internationalization.
  • This conference includes new speakers and topics, as well as the most popular speakers from prior conferences.
  • Find out about security risks and preventative measures.
  • Moving to the cloud or integrating social networking into your applications? This conference addresses those topics.
  • Creating Web apps with tools like Joomla or PHP? This conference will show you how to create multilingual Web applications.
  • Working with mobile applications? Learn about the problematic emoji characters and how they are being addressed.

The Internationalization & Unicode Conference is the premier technical conference for both software and Web internationalization as well as a great opportunity for networking with other practitioners. For information about sponsoring, exhibiting or attending the 34th Internationalization & Unicode Conference, please send an email to info@unicodeconference.org or click on the appropriate link on the left.

Unicode experts, implementers, clients and vendors are invited to submit papers and presentations and to attend this unique conference. The interactive format makes the Internationalization & Unicode Conference a great place to meet and exchange ideas with leading experts, find out about the needs of potential clients, or get information about new and existing Unicode-enabled products.

The three-day conference will again feature a full day of tutorials followed by two days of presentations, panels and discussions. There will also be technology exhibits and demonstrations. Sessions will cover a range of topics including internationalization, globalization, the Web, security, and localization to name a few. There will be a mix of case studies, panel discussions and technical discussions geared towards beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners.

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Object Management Group, (OMG) organizes the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences around the world under an exclusive license granted by the Unicode Consortium. Personal information provided to OMG via this website is subject to OMG’s Privacy Policy. All responsibility for conference finances and operations is borne by OMG. The independent conference board provides technical review of the program and papers. All inquiries regarding the Internationalization and Unicode Conferences should be addressed to info@unicodeconference.org.  Copyright 2010 Object Management Group. All Rights Reserved.

NO RECORDING POLICY: OMG, the SOA Consortium, BPM Consortium and GCIO strictly forbid the use of video or audio recording devices in all meetings including (but not limited to), gatherings, receptions, workshops, Information Days, co-located meetings and special sessions without the express written permission of OMG. Permission must be obtained in advance of the meeting and must indicate the intended use of the audio or video recording. Recording a meeting for public broadcast or financial gain is prohibited. Any unauthorized recording is subject to seizure without compensation.

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